Jena Questen DVM, CertAqV, as a speaker, writer, and compassionate holistic veterinarian. Her animal health video series has been widely viewed and a trusted source of reliable information for all things relating to animal health and behavior. She routinely speaks around the country on her areas of expertise, and is well known and respected by her colleagues, clients, and friends.

She donates much of her time to her animal rescue and charity the Prince of Flame Fund.

Bringing  years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge,  she helps you, the animal lover, develop a rewarding and long lived relationship with animals. This means, that with her thoughtful, professional advise and and heartfelt compassion, you too can enjoy the longest, most rewarding, healthy life you could ever dream possible for the animals that love you.

More than a trainer, and more than a veterinarian, DrQ, the first and only Life Coach for People with Pets, is here, to help YOU!