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Learn all 7 secrets to outwitting your pets lifespan, the little life hacks that go a long way towards longevity! You will learn how to save money, get more value, and generally make better choices. What this means for you, is that with DrQ's help and advice, you will save money on vet bills, pet food, and supplies, and your pet will be healthier, feel happier, and live longer. You and your entire family will enjoy increased,  satisfaction, joy and love, with the least amount of hassle, work and worry. After all, isn't that what you were hoping for and dreaming of when you chose an animal companion in the first place? Let's team up and achieve it today!

Life Hacks to Longevity!

For all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats, to horses and other pets. DrQ shares with reckless abandon everything she wishes ALL animal lovers knew to help keep their beloved animal family members living  longer, healthier, and happier! It's like the "Cliff Notes" of animal care, brought to you by a respected professional who will show you how to enjoy  time and cost savings, that are easy enough even a child can learn in 3 easy steps!

So what's the trick?

No tricks,  no gimmicks, no products to buy, just simple ways of doing things, that can all be broken down into 3 easy to follow steps, that are so time saving that even a single mom can do it,  and so easy to learn that even the kids can do it. Better yet, let the kids learn and have them do it, for you!

  • Save money

    In today’s world you are constantly bombarded with “buy this” , “buy that”, from your trainer, to your vet, to ads on TV. Learn how to quickly decide for yourself what is worth spending money on, and what are just gimmicks or scare tactics.

  • Save time

    I am a busy single mom with multiple pets, I know how hard it is to effectively manage time giving good care to each of them. Use the hints and tips I have learned through years of doing it, that will save you time, too!

  • More love

    41More hugs, kisses, snuggles, and purrs, that mean lower blood pressure, more feel good endorphin’s, and a longer life span, for both of you!

"Informational Insurance"

Just like how you buy insurance to protect you in case of a loss, this is like buying preventative insurance to help minimize the loss in the first place. As they say, "prevention is the best medicine"! Learn the tools you need to know to evaluate all the factors that come in to your life regarding your animals, and have all the knowledge you need to make any decision, for any animals in your care, for the rest of your life, after learning just my 7 Secrets!

But everything is just fine between me and my animals, I don't need this!

Have you ever had an animal, or wanted to give advice to someone who  had troubles with digging? Barking? Jumping? Clawing? Kicking? Pulling? Bucking? Learn how these and other behavior problems can all be QUICKLY and EASILY corrected using my very simple 3 step system. That's right, learn the 3 simple steps, and like the on-and off switches in a computer which make the entire internet go round, I will show you how a simple 'yes', 'no' response to every interaction with your animal, will have them fully trained, more thoroughly, in less time, than by any other method, GUARANTEED! You really can teach almost ANY animal to do almost ANYTHING!

  • 3 Easy Steps

    Learn how DrQ has distilled years of scientifically validated learning theory,  study,  practice, and experience, into 3 simple steps that WORKS across species, and is easy enough to be learned by ANYONE!

  • Life Skill Quiz

    So you think your animal is already fully trained and in perfect health? Take the DrQ Life Skill Quiz, and see how your animal ranks. Higher scores = longer life!

  • Get one-on-one

    With each live webinar, get the opportunity to ask questions directly and get quick results. DrQ has helped thousands of animals and the people they love, and she can enrich your life, too.

You are GUARANTEED to learn something useful that you never knew before about taking good care of animals!